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Boryana has supported our business' recruitment since 2016, she is professional and extremely efficient, she is also extremely focussed on giving her candidates a great on-boarding experience, which is something our business is very proud of. We are looking forward to working with Boryana and the whole team at HM International on different projects in the near future.
Boryana came to work for me in December 2015. Her job was to assist in the process of recruiting paramedics to work for our clients (two NHS trusts). Her work included setting up of personal and business networks as a reference point for skilled medical workers in Poland. Bulgaria, Lithuania and all other Eastern and Northern EU states. Boryana successfully set up pipelines of supply into these countries. Furthermore she managed the entire process of transition and relocation of workers to their new employer and their new country. This included help with registration with the necessary NHS regulatory body organisation of interviews, organisation of travel and relocation. Beyond that she has fulfilled the role of support for over 60 foreign paramedics before and after their arrival in the UK. Boryana is incredibly efficient and well organised. She has been exemplary in engaging with candidates and they in turn trust her. This of course has built a strong reputation for HM International that is helping us to attract new candidates. I wish Boryana well in her new career.
Nick Miller
General Manager , Diatom Technologies
Boryana has supported our new Poplapay's business project in Poland through executing market research, finding new business prospects, organizing conference calls and face-to-face meetings, which helped us to increase our knowledge and to find new prospects on a completely new market. Her working morals and dedication to this project were excellent. I could always trust that she executes all the tasks given. I am happy to give more information about Boryanas role in our project.
Boryana has supported our trade show appointment arrangement campaign with great efficiency. Her understanding of the mission, sense of organization and communication skills allowed her to bring results from day 1. I wouldn’t hesitate to collaborate with Boryana again in the future.
Katarzyna Cywinska
Business Manager at Hexaglobe & SGT
Boryana helped us organize our IBC 2019, qualifying our contacts and increasing our efficiency in visiting our booth. I recommend her professionalism with pleasure.
Boryana was the main point of our client, providing an excellent customer service. She mastered tasks such as translating synopsis, inputting metadata, subtitling texts for our on-demand film and TV series. Furthermore, Boryana managed to quickly and constructively troubleshoot technical issues when necessary, whereby liaising with IT and Software departments with confidence.


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